About Us

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Internetplazas.com was founded in March of 2017 on the belief that simply relying on the algorithms used by search engine results was not enough.  Some businesses can succeed simply by playing the ‘search engine game’ rather than on the strength of their goods and services. We believe businesses should be ranked solely on their quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.  Thus, Internetplazas.com was born and created its first four “plazas” (web designers, graphic designers, web hosting companies, seo companies) of businesses with many more to come.

How We Curate Businesses We List

We do not take the selection of our listed businesses lightly.  We are very diligent in our approach so that our visitors can have buying confidence regardless of the business they chose from our website.

This diligence can include:

  • Extensive research on each business.
  • Customer feedback monitoring.
  • Evaluating our communications with each business.
  • Charging a small monthly fee to these businesses so we know they’re serious about offering exceptional goods and services

Once a business is selected and appears on our website, we continue to monitor feedback and their development as time goes on.  If concerns arise, we address it with their administration and ultimately remove their information from our website if need be.

Looking to the Future

At Internetplazas.com we are excited about what the future holds.  We have many Plazas in mind as we continue to grow, but are always looking to hear from you as well.  Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and ideas!